Have You Tried Virtual Meditation?

So, this concept of virtual reality (VR) is bonkers, right? I am an avid meditator, and a believer that comfort is the first step to inner peace. The phrase “I’m going to take a mental vacation” is common in my vocabulary, and by that I mean I’m going to close my eyes, think only uplifting thoughts, and pretend that I am somewhere else (probably Fiji).

When I first learned about VR, I was cautious and apprehensive. Sure, the idea of letting your brain wander literally where ever you want to while your physical body stands around in your basement is different and cool. But what are the negative effects of doing this? What if I “go” somewhere so magnificent that I never want to come back? Can virtual reality be addicting?

Ignorant; I was scared of virtual reality and where I might go.

So naturally, I bought one.

Google Cardboard is $15, and you simply use your cellphone as the VR screen.

I figured out how virtual reality actually works, and it’s much greater than different and cool. Putting virtual reality goggles on doesn’t mean that your soul meanders to an unreachable place while your body lays cold and empty on the ground. That would be drugs. Or lucid dreaming. Virtual reality is not drugs, or lucid dreaming. Okay.

What actually happens is almost nothing. You cannot interact with any part of the virtual world, but you can view the facade from every angle. Meaning, wherever I turn my head in real life, I can see something different in that place through my VR. This is the magic behind virtually traveling somewhere more aesthetic than where ever you are now.

Well that seems pretty useless, huh?

The app is called Provata, and I went to the ocean’s edge. I could hear the sound of waves crashing and the breeze blowing; I smiled. I took the goggles off, and looked over at my meditation station…

“Do it.” I thought.

So, I lit an incense stick called “ocean breeze”, cut all the lights, and sat on my magic carpet (a white fluffy rug in my room designated to meditation). That was the first time I virtually meditated.


Since then, I’ve been virtually meditating regularly. I know you might be thinking, “If you meditate with your eyes closed… why does it matter where you actually are?” Well, a common roadblock for people who try to meditate is finding or creating their “happy place”. It isn’t easy for everyone to shut their eyes and pretend they’re in Fiji. Allowing an app or VR to create the visuals of your happy place for you makes the rest of your mediation journey almost effortless.

If you are a mega meditation lover like me, then I highly suggest you invest in some cheap VR goggles and give this a try! I’m certain you’ll marvel.

Other utilizations of VR in the current are for workouts and playing video games; especially together. These, of course, are played with more advanced VR headsets and nunchucks, so you couldn’t use your Google cardboard. But if you ever get the chance to try one of those out, don’t pass it up! They’re pretty rad, too.

Thanks for reading. xoxo


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