Step Up Your Booty Workout

This is a big part of my workout routine. I originally wrote this for Azumio, check it out:

The video below displays 8 various “moves” that will not only add some enjoyment to your workout on the stair-stepper, but make the time fly by quicker as well!

Begin with the stepper on a slow speed setting, like 3 or 4. Take your time warming up and getting into the groove. When you’re ready, pick it up to a speed of about 5 or 6 and try these groovy moves!

For the sake of an interesting and short YouTube video, I demonstrate these moves in 10 second intervals. To make the time during your climb pass swiftly, alternate these moves every minute. Once you’ve completed all 8 (or just the ones you prefer), bump the speed up by 1 degree and repeat.

1. Skip a step: wait for one step to pass before taking your next stride

2. Add leg lifts: While still skipping a step, alternate leg lifts and feel the burn in your glutes.

3. Cross overs: cross your right leg over your left, then left over right, and so on.

4. Side step left: stride up the moving stairs sideways, with your right shoulder facing the front of the machine.

5. Go backwards: Be careful. It’s okay to look down and check your footwork. Hold on to the rails to avoid disaster and embarrassment.

6. Side step right: stride up the moving stairs sideways, with your left shoulder facing the front of the machine.

7. Squat steps: feel the burn in your quads as you maintain an alternating lunge position as you step. Get low.

8. Big steps: drive your elbow into your knee and lift your leg as high as possible. Simultaneously flex your abdominal muscles. You will feel this one in your glutes as well.

Once your amusing ascend is complete, bring the speed back down to a 3 or 4. Take deep breaths, and consider this a cool down. Clean your sweat off the machine in triumph, and go get yourself some froyo. You deserve it guuuuurl.

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