Fun facts:

  • My full name is Emily Kate Vsetula; Vsetula is Czechoslovakian.
  • Only people with authority over me are allowed to call me Emily. You can stick to Em, Emmy, Emma, Empanada, or really anything that starts with “Em”. I don’t care.
  • My birthday is September 7, 1998. I’m a virgo.
  • I am from Montague, Michigan. I grew up in Weeki Wachee, Florida. I currently live in Saint Petersburg, Florida.
  • Cats > dogs (yes, this is a fact)
  • I study Mass Communications: Journalism and Media at the University of South Florida St. Pete. Go bulls!
  • I have a sister named Casey who might be referenced on this blog periodically.
  • Britney Spears is my mom.
  • Ed Sheeran is my dad.
  • I have written several passionate articles for a fitness blog called Azumio, and a product review blog called the Gadgeteer. Check em out.
  • I’m a vegetarian. Not a vegan. I love ice cream and eggs.
  • My favorite meal is breakfast (Chocolate chip pancakes>waffles).
  • I can eat an unlimited amount of popcorn. If there is popcorn in front of me, I will eat it.
  • You can convince me to eat almost anything by covering it in chocolate.
  • I want to be Ellen Degeneres when I grow up. Or, at least a writer for a talk show.
  • I worked three years at Little Caesars, two as a lifeguard, and a couple months as an underwater exorcist. Sometimes I model.
  • Did I say fun facts? I’ll let you decide what’s real and what’s #fakenews

The reason I’m writing this blog is to spread kindness and useful information to people of my similar demographic, or really anybody who’s stops by to read. Nothing makes me happier than making other people laugh or smile and feel knowledgable and trendy. Let’s all be the best version of ourselves. xoxo

Contact me:

Email me questions, comments, feedback, business inquiries, or pictures of fluffy kittens: emilykate1998@gmail.com

Follow me on Instagram: @emmysnews

Follow me on Twitter: @emilyvsetula

Venmo: @emilyvsetula (-;

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